Executing Function as Procedure in SQL Server

Hello to everyone,

In this article, I will try to give you information about running the function like a procedure in SQL Server.

There are those among us who know, but since they do not tell such a subject, I will tell.

You can do this easily using the code below.

--Test function creation

    @ad NVARCHAR(50)
    RETURN 'Hello ' + @ad + ' how ara you?';

--Executing the function as a procedure

DECLARE @functionname NVARCHAR(100);
EXEC @functionname = dbo.TestFunction 'Yavuz Selim';
PRINT @functionname;

When you run the above code block, you will see the following result.

Executing Function as Procedure in SQL Server

As you can see, we created a function and created a parameter to hold the name of this function and ran this parameter with EXEC. If you have specified a parameter in the function, you should also use it. The above example is already a parameterized example.

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