Listing All Column Information of a Table in SQL Server

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In this article, I will try to give information about listing all column information of a table in SQL Server.

In SQL Server, in some cases you may want to list all column information of a table.

You can easily do this using the code below.

SELECT OBJECT_SCHEMA_NAME (c.object_id) SchemaName,
       o.Name AS TABLE_NAME,
       c.Name AS Field_Name,
       t.Name AS Data_Type,
       t.max_length AS Length_Size,
       t.precision AS PRECISION
FROM sys.columns c
INNER JOIN sys.objects o ON o.object_id = c.object_id
LEFT JOIN sys.types t ON t.user_type_id = c.user_type_id
WHERE o.type = 'U' -- and o.Name = N'TableName' -- Tablo adını dilerseniz bu kısımda belirtebilirsiniz.
ORDER BY o.Name,

When you run the above code, you will see a result similar to the one below.

Listing All Column Information of a Table in SQL Server

As you can see, all the columns of the table are listed.

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