Text Encryption and Decryption in SQL Server

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In this article, I will provide information about text encryption and decryption in SQL Server.

You can use this type of encryption for data security in SQL Server. The point you need to pay attention to here is that you will use the key when decoding the key field.

You can view an example on the subject below.

DECLARE @EncryptedText VARBINARY(4000);
DECLARE @ShowPassword VARCHAR(400);
SET @EncryptedText = ENCRYPTBYPASSPHRASE('KeyArea', 'SQL Server');
SELECT @EncryptedText;
--Encrypted result : 0x01000000EAC74B88197E587A6B1A36012252B07C16FF928380B02B79307A5F32FFEF403F 
SET @ShowPassword = DECRYPTBYPASSPHRASE('KeyArea', @EncryptedText);
SELECT @ShowPassword;

When you run the code, you will see the encrypted version of the text and the decrypted version.

Text Encryption and Decryption in SQL Server


As you can see, the encryption process has been done and the password has been decrypted in the same way.

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