When to Use the sp_refreshview Procedure in SQL Server

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In this article, I will give you information about when to use the sp_refreshview procedure in SQL Server.

The sp_refreshview procedure in SQL Server is used to update the metadata of a view in the database. This can be necessary in certain situations, such as when a view is not returning the expected results, or when changes have been made to the underlying tables or columns that are referenced by the view.

Here are some situations when you might want to use sp_refreshview:

  1. After altering a table or view referenced by the view: If you make changes to a table or view that is used in the definition of a view, you will need to refresh the view’s metadata using sp_refreshview so that it reflects the changes.
  2. After restoring a database: If you restore a database that contains views, you should refresh the metadata of those views using sp_refreshview so that they reflect the current state of the database.
  3. When troubleshooting view performance issues: If you are experiencing performance issues with a view, you can use sp_refreshview to update its metadata and ensure that it is using the most up-to-date statistics.

In general, sp_refreshview is not needed on a regular basis, but it can be useful in certain situations to ensure that your views are up-to-date and functioning as expected.

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