Connecting to SQL Server Using HeidiSQL

Hello to everyone,

In this article, I will try to give information about connecting to SQL Server using HeidiSQL.

First, let’s talk about what HeidiSQL is.

HeidiSQL; It is a free and open source client for MySQL (versions such as MariaDB and Percona Server), as well as Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL.

So it’s not just a system built for a database.

Click to download HeidiSQL. You can download the latest version from this site. Installation is very simple after downloading. After double-clicking on the program, you can say next and install it.

After installation, you need to connect with SQL Server.

When you open HeidiSQL, you will see a screen like the one below.

Connecting to SQL Server Using HeidiSQL

You select the red areas as I mentioned above. Do not forget to revise your server name according to yourself. Otherwise, you cannot connect.

After this process, you can connect by using Windows authentication or you can connect by entering your SQL Server username and password like me.

If you have done everything correctly as above, you will see the following screen.

Connecting to SQL Server Using HeidiSQL

As you can see, we are connected to SQL Server using HeidiSQL.

Good luck to everyone in business and life.


Yavuz Selim Kart

I try to explain what I know in software and database. I am still improving myself by doing research on many programming languages. Apart from these, I am also interested in Graphic Design and Wordpress. I also have knowledge about SEO and Social media management. In short, I am a determined person who likes to work hard.

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